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Cotton ball light chain

Cotton ball of lights in different colors for your design at home.

Here you can find the best range of cotton ball light chains, rattan light chains, fabric flower fairy lights, rose flower lights, paper lantern, mosaic lights and mosaic lamps. Cotton ball light chains with balls of cotton and wool, in different colors to choose from in a beautiful string of lights with 20 light bulbs and Euro plug. Decorate your room or party like wedding, Christmas and birthdays with beautiful cottonball string lights from Alice Collection. Cotton Ball String Lights design and decorate your garden or party. Select your category here:

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Whether for the muted and harmonious lighting in the living room or children's room of your favorite or in other living rooms, our cotton ball chain is very well suited for the subtle accents. The pleasant light provides an ambience to feel good and relax after a hard day of the color of your choice. Whether as a colorful decoration in the hallway or for the comfort in the living room at the well-earned television or in your reading corner. With a ball chain from Alice Collection, this beautiful living accessory, you will create a cozy atmosphere for yourself and your loved ones. No matter what kind of fairy you like, or in which color, here in our shop we have beautiful fairy lights made of cotton balls and rattan balls, rattan hearts, fairy lights with different colored flowers and flowers as well as rose petals as a light string in many color variations. If you do not like light strings we also have paper lamps or ball lamps as well as lamps made of mosaic like the mosaic body lamp as a female body lamp or as a masculine men body lamp.

Baumwollkugel Lichterkette Fire cotton ball light chain with euro netzstecker

baumwoll kugel lichterkette cotton ball light chain alice collectionLooking for a colorful lighting? Do you want to follow the latest design trends and fill your home with the hottest colors? Cotton ball light is the product! Our handmade fairy with fairtrade cotton balls gives you the opportunity to give your interior a new twist at a reasonable price. Have you changed your interior and need new colors for your wading boots? No problem, we will also offer our products separately under spare parts so that you can replace defective balls or create a completely new color design. To change at home in all seasons. We are here to help you with your design ideas! Surely you know all our "Cotton Ball Lights", which are currently so hip. In almost every living room there is a picture on the glowing balls, mostly in white or bright, dangle from the ceiling or decorate cabinets and living areas. Now you have the "Cotton Ball Light Chain Fever" packed, easy to pick and order. Power-powered LED light chain with 10 to 30 lamps, each of which is equipped with cotton balls, thus giving the light chain a decorative character. The fabric ball chain must be used for any design purpose. A light cord with cotton ball in different colors is made by us for lighting purposes. The balls are made of straw silk, wool or cotton and are fastened like lanterns over the lights of the light chain. With our own colors, which we offer in a wide assortment, you have the possibility to find almost the right color for our cotton ball lamps. The cotton balls are easily interchangeable, so you can order them as desired.

Cotton ball lights, party lights string, Christmas lighting, wedding decoration

Extraordinary string of lights made with cotton balls. The balls of this absolutely original string of lights were made in traditional handmade from cotton yarn. Each individual ball is wound by hand. Our cotton light chains are illuminated by a commercial light chain. The lamps (bulbs) can therefore be easily replaced. Each light chain consists of 20 balls made of cotton or rattan and fabric flowers. Ideal to use as exotic party lights, Christmas lighting, wedding decoration or simply to dive any living space into an exotic light.

Replacement bulbs are supplied with each light chain.

All our Cottonball light chains have a 2 pin Euro plug that fits into every outlet. The light chain itself consists of 10 to 30 lamps and is of the highest quality according to European regulations.