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Cotton Ball Light Chain Design Aqua

Light chain aqua from cotton balls in blue, light blue, turkise and white, like the water or the sea, beautiful decorative cotton ball chain ...
baumwoll kugellichterkette aqua, cotton ball light chain aqua, baumwollkugel lichterkette in blau, hellblau, türkis und weißbaumwoll kugellichterkette aqua, cotton ball light chain aqua, baumwollkugel lichterkette in blau, hellblau, türkies und weiß
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Cotton balls light chain aqua

cotton ball light chain aqua decorative light chain with cotton ballsCotton ball light chain or simply ball light chain in blue, light blue, turkise and white. With our beautiful ball-and-chain chains, which are available in many colors, you can create a pleasant feel-good atmosphere in your home. The beautiful fabric balls made of cotton and wool, hand-crafted, create a warm and colorful atmosphere, where you and your guests will feel comfortable. Our ball light chains are also suitable for room design and invite you to relax and feel good in your living room or bedroom. The cotton ball lights also give the kitchen and bathroom a certain ambience and are ideal for decoration or as subtle lighting in your children's room.

Eurstecker 2 polig für Kugellichterkette , Abumwolllichterkette, cotton ball,

The large, handmade and high quality balls made of cross-linked cotton provide a ballistic chain for a convivial ambience and are a perfect living accessory for the whole year. The cotton ball light chains, as the cotton ball light chain is called in English, are made of a very high-quality light string, which is in EU standard and equipped with a Euro plug 2 poles.


Feel-good atmosphere with our ball light chains in your home

The beautiful ball light chains conjure a warm, discreet and beautiful light into your home and every celebration like birthday or Christmas, as well as any other festivity. Whether for the muted and harmonious lighting in the living room or children's room of your favorite or in other living rooms, our ball light chain is very suitable due to the high color selection to set subtle accents. The pleasant light provides an ambience to feel good and relax after a busy day through the color scheme of your choice. Whether as a colorful decoration in the hallway or for the comfort in the living room at the well-earned television or in your reading corner. With a ball chain from Alice Collection, this beautiful living accessory will create a cozy atmosphere for yourself and your loved ones.


Preparation and commissioning of the ball light chain

light chain with cotton balls blue light blue turkies and whiteBefore you can enjoy the harmonious light of our ball chain, carefully remove the cotton ball chain from the package and carefully open it to a long string of lights. Please do not take the string of lights unrolled or packaged in the box as it could cause induction or overheating. Replacing the light bulbs of the Cotton Ball Light Chain is easy. To do so, always disconnect the defective bulb straight from the power supply. The replacement bulb is just simply plugged in again in the same way. If you do not like the arrangement of the cotton balls, you can also arrange the cotton balls of the light chain in your desired order. To do this, simply take the cotton balls from the lamp and put it where you like the color better.


Technische Details zur Lichterkette

  • 20 incandescent bulbs a 0.82 W / 12V (20 x 0.82 W / 12V) equal to 16.4 W
  • Plus 3 spare blades to change
  • 20 handmade cotton balls with a diameter of approx. 6.8 cm
  • 230V / 50Hz 2 pin Euro power plug
  • Cable color is white with 20 white light bulbs
  • Balls handmade from cross-linked cotton
  • Balls of cotton yarn, dyed with food color
  • Color coordinated in blue, light blue, turkise and white
  • Length of the whole lighting chain 3,50m
  • Approx. 1,5m supply line to the first cotton ball
  • Product for indoor use in dry rooms
  • Beautiful light decoration for the whole year in the house and garden
  • Decoration for the apartment, the feast as you want to decorate it
  • Provides beautiful and colorful light with a consumption of only 16 watts

Instructions for safe use of the light chain

Please keep the light chain out of the reach of babies and small children while using the light chain. The ball chain must never be operated with a defective insulation and should always be kept dry. This article is neither a lamp nor a lamp, but a pure decorative article. Please also note that this product is intended exclusively for indoor use in dry rooms! If you want to use the light chain in the garden or terrace, please make sure that no moisture comes into the sphere chain. When not in use in the garden or on the terrace, you should take the ball light chain into a dry place.

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